Setting up Slack notifications

By connecting your Slack workspace to a form you will instantly get a message whenever a visitor sends a submission. A perfect way to be notified whether you’re creating a simple contact form or building a full-blown helpdesk.

Creating a webhook

All you need to connect your form to Slack is a single URL called a webhook. Here’s how you get one:

  1. Navigate to and make sure you are logged in to your Slack workspace.
  2. Select the channel you want notifications to be sent to and click Add Incoming WebHooks integration.
  3. Copy your fresh webhook URL.

Configuring your form

Once a webhook has been generated you’re ready to set up your form. In the Wordpress admin find your form, edit it, and enable the Slack integration under Integrations. Fill in your webhook URL and type a little message which will be included with each notification. Also select any fields which you would like included. That’s it!

Example of a Slack notification