Connecting to Zapier

With the help of Zapier you can connect your form to thousand of services and create automated workflows. You could create a form that accepts files from users and automatically uploads them to your Dropbox. Or you could automatically save form submissions to a Google Spreadsheet. There are literally thousand of possibilities.

Creating a Zap

  1. Set up a form with all the fields you want to pass on to Zapier.
  2. Follow this link to create a new Zap for your form.
  3. Choose the “New Submission” trigger and continue.
  4. Copy the provided URL, and jump over to your form in the Wordpress admin.
  5. Under “Integrations”, enable the Zapier integration and the paste the URL from step 5. Finishing by clicking the “Send test submission” button.
  6. Hop back to Zapier and continue with the Zap creation process. Zapier should pick up some sample data with your form fields within a few seconds.
  7. Complete your Zap by connecting it to an action!