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Customizing validations

Validating individual fields

Advanced Forms uses ACF to render and validate fields. This means that any custom field validations will also work with your forms. ACF provides the acf/validate_value to add extra validation logic for specific fields and it’s the recommended way to add validation logic for form fields as well. Refer to the ACF documentation for more info.

Validating forms

Sometimes it’s not sufficient to validate individual fields. From version 1.5 and onwards Advanced Forms includes the ability to add custom validation logic for full forms. This is made possible with the af/form/validate action combined with the af_add_error function. af/form/validate is invoked before submission and has access to the submitted data through af_get_field.

The following is an example of custom validation involving two separate fields. The af_add_error functions takes a field name (or key) as its first parameter and an error message as its second.

function validate_name() {
    $first_name = af_get_field( 'first_name' );
    $last_name = af_get_field( 'last_name' );

    if ( 'Fabian Lindfors' != $first_name . ' ' . $last_name ) {
        af_add_error( 'first_name', 'Full name must be Fabian Lindfors!' );
add_action( 'af/form/validate/key=FORM_KEY', 'validate_name' );