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Available arguments

This page lists all the available arguments that may be passed when displaying a form, either using a shortcode or a function call.


Text used for the submit button. Default to “Submit”.

[advanced_form submit_text="Send"]

advanced_form( 'KEY', array( 'submit_text' => 'Send' ) )


URL to redirect to after successful submission. Defaults to the current URL where the success message will be displayed after submission.

[advanced_form redirect="/thank-you"]

advanced_form( 'KEY', array( 'redirect' => '/thank-you' ) )


Enable AJAX for form submissions. This will remove the need for a page reload, making submissions faster.

[advanced_form ajax="1"]

advanced_form( 'key', array( 'ajax' => true ) )


Values to pre-fill fields with. Only works for function calls where the argument should be an array mapping field names or keys to values. If you want to programmatically pre-fill some fields you might want to use the af/field/prefill_value filter.


advanced_form( 'FORM_KEY', array(
  'values' => array(
    'first_name' => 'Fabian',
    'last_name' => 'Lindfors',


Array of field names or keys to exclude from the form.

[advanced_form exclude_fields="field_name"]


advanced_form( 'FORM_KEY', array(
  'exclude_fields' => array( 'field_name_1', 'field_name_2' ),


Whether to use the WordPress media uploader or a regular file input for file fields. Use wp for the media uploader and basic for the file input. Defaults to wp if the user is logged in, otherwise falls back to basic.

[advanced_form uploader="basic"]

advanced_form( 'KEY', array( 'uploader' => 'basic' ) )


Whether to enable filter mode. Defaults to false. Filter mode disables the success message after submission and instead displays all fields again with their submitted values.

[advanced_form filter_mode="1"]

advanced_form( 'KEY', array( 'filter_mode' => true ) )


Whether to place instructions right below the label (label) or to place them after the field (field). Default to label.

[advanced_form instruction_placement="field"]

advanced_form( 'KEY', array( 'instruction_placement' => 'field' ) )


Whether to display the form title or not. Defaults to false.


Whether to display the form description or not. Defaults to false.


HTML ID to use for the form element. Default to the form key.

[advanced_form id="your-id"]

advanced_form( 'KEY', array( 'id' => 'your-id' ) )


Whether to include a honeypot for spam prevention. Default to true and should normally not be changed.

[advanced_form honeypot="0"]

advanced_form( 'KEY', array( 'honeypot' => false ) )


The URL to which the HTML form points. Default to the current URL and should most often not be changed. If you want to redirect to another page after submission, use redirect instead.