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Filter the attachments of a form email before sending. $attachments should be an array of file paths similar to the attachments parameter for wp_mail.


function filter_email_attachments( $attachments, $email, $form, $fields ) {
  // Add an uploaded file from a file field as an attachemnt
  // The file field should have return format "FileArray"
  $file = af_get_field( 'file' );
  $attachments[] = get_attached_file( $file['id'] );

  return $attachments;
add_filter( 'af/form/email/attachments/key=FORM_KEY', 'filter_email_attachments', 10, 4 );


  • af/form/email/attachments Applies to all forms.
  • af/form/email/attachments/key=FORM_KEY Applies to forms with specific key.
  • af/form/email/attachments/id=FORM_ID Applies to forms with specific post ID.