Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my success message not showing after submission?

This issue is often caused by page caching provided either by your host or a plugin on your site. We recommend disabling the cache for the page with your form or to create a custom “thank you” page and redirecting to that after submission.

How do I redirect to another page after submission?

You can pass a URL as the redirect argument when displaying your form. For example to redirect to a thank you-page available at /thank-you:

[advanced_form form="KEY" redirect="/thank-you"]

How do I change the submit button text?

You can pass the submit_text argument to change the submit button text. For example to change the text to “Send”:

[advanced_form form="KEY" submit_text="Send"]

Is it possible to handle submissions without a page reload (using AJAX)?

Advanced Forms can handle submissions without a reload using AJAX. Activate it for your form using:

[advanced_form form="KEY" ajax="1"]

How do I connect my form to an external service?

Advanced Forms Pro has built-in integrations with Slack, Mailchimp, and thousands of other services through Zapier. If you need to integrate with a service that is not supported it’s normally simple to build a custom integration. This normally entails writing a custom submission handler which collects form data and sends it to an third-party API.

How do I only subscribe users in Mailchimp if they have checked a checkbox?

To achieve this you can use the af/form/mailchimp/request filter and conditionally return false to stop the request. For example, if you have a checkbox field named “subscribe_to_newsletter” you can use the following snippet:


function form_mailchimp_conditional_checkbox( $request ) {
  if ( af_get_field( 'subscribe_to_newsletter' ) ) {
    return $request;

  return false;
add_filter( 'af/form/mailchimp/request/key=FORM_KEY', 'form_mailchimp_conditional_checkbox', 10, 3 );